Angie’s awesome ideas for learning at home (3)

Kia ora

Welcome back to my blog series where you will find special tips and tricks to help make learning at home the best it can be.

Here’s a great range of Science tools for online learning, check out these websites:

Ministry of Education Science Curriculum Resources
The MOE website outlines science guidelines and goals. It provides a link to all the resources and ideas for teaching science.

The Science Learning HubThis is a wonderful resource for students to find out more about science topics and concepts. Encourage your students to find out main ideas, form opinions based on facts and share their thoughts and findings.

Science Kids NZ
Great ideas and projects for creating fun science experiments at home.

Engaging video tutorials showing a wide variety of science concepts.

The Science Channel
Awesome videos explaining interesting current science topics and concepts.

National Geographic Kids
A great resource exploring current science and social science topics from around the world. Use this to spark writing and interest in reading.

NASA for Kids
This US space exploration website for children has many great learning ideas and activities.

Happy learning!
Angie Simmons

 Digital Fluency – Let’s Get Coding

Digital Fluency – Let’s Get Coding shows how to use coding to present and share learning or to power a device for learning in curriculum areas including science. It’s packed with the inventive ideas, information on coding apps and sample lesson plans to help you design coding activities. Find this resource here.

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