From Yvette Krohn: One teacher's journey

I must admit that I am one of those teachers who absolutely love their job.

I started teaching in South Africa almost 20 years ago and, although teaching conditions were tough, (minimal resources, no non-contacts, classes of 40+) I relished every moment in the classroom and attained great personal satisfaction from the successes of my students. It was no different when I arrived in New Zealand and started teaching at John Paul College in Rotorua. The students’ attitudes and work ethic were somewhat different to what I was used to, but I quickly adapted and discovered that teaching, no matter where, was definitely the best job in the world.


They say that life is what happens when you are busy making other plans, and over the next 13 years that was certainly true for me. I rapidly ascended the career ladder and became an Assistant Principal at John Paul College, as well as being a regular on the English marking panel in Rotorua. I had considerable success in the classroom, too, aiding 10 of my students to achieve scholarships in two years. My success came largely from incorporating philosophical theories into my teaching and so I decided to do my Masters research on this topic at Lincoln University in 2006, where I later became a lecturer. I also continued my teaching career at Burnside High School, where my students achieved a further 24 scholarships over three years.

It was while I was presenting a workshop at the NZATE English Conference in 2009, that an opportunity arose to do something more with my research. A woman approached me afterwards to recommend that I publish my work as educational resources and gave me a number to ring. After much trepidation, I called Geraldine at Essential Resources and the rest is history! I was met with such friendliness, professionalism and encouragement that the whole process became one of my most rewarding. Thanks to Geraldine and Tanya (who is clearly the best editor in the world!) I now have two series comprising of six books to my name and the resource writing bug has well and truly bitten me.

I am based at Trident High School in Whakatane now, where I am the NZATE representative for the Central North Island. I also have a husband and two beautiful daughters aged 1 and 3, so the life that happened to me while I was making other plans is definitely the life that I would have chosen had I been less busy! It’s funny how things work out that way…

Yvette Krohn has taught English for the past 18 years, first in South Africa and later in New Zealand, where her main role has been teaching high-level thinking courses, including gifted and talented education, extension and scholarship classes. She has been a faculty head of languages and an assistant principal, as well as a lecturer of communications and learning styles at Lincoln University. Passionate about thinking skills, Yvette has a particular interest in incorporating philosophy, psychology and social theory into the English curriculum.

Yvette's books are available on our website, where they can be previewed using our online viewer.

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