From Jenny Pyatt

Hawkes Bay Teachers…if you think it’s time to forget National Standards, and daily class routines, take your kids to The Faraday Centre in Napier. The centre is owned by the Hawke’s Bay Cultural Trust and operates in tandem with the Hawke’s Bay Museum. It is a tribute to Michael Faraday a discoverer of the technologies that most of us take for granted including: generating electricity, electric motors, transmission systems and precision lenses. A range of programmes are available for Years 0-13. Teaching notes are available and worksheets for the children to fill in as they complete a range of ‘hands on’ tasks.

A few weeks ago the junior students at our small rural school visited the Centre. They were studying ‘Wheels and the impact their invention has had on society’. They wound the handle of old sewing machines, sat in vehicles, on the old horse and all without a helmet in sight. The water wheel and the sausage maker were the hits of the day.
Our kids (and their teacher) had a valuable learning experience and a great outing.

Sounds like everyone had a great time doing the ‘hands on’ tasks, thanks for the inspiring idea.

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