Can U Cards

A little idea shared can grow to benefit many more people. Our CAN U CARDS series, published by Essential Resources, are proof that collaboration and innovation can revamp some classic components of education – Numeracy and Literacy.

Our idea for CAN U CARDS grew out of Pauleen’s improvisation with number games in her classroom. She would draw grids on the board and fill them with challenges that were relevant to her class in their current learning about number. The game only lasted for about ten minutes, but provided so much discussion and peer teaching that those sessions would become the vibrant starter to the maths lesson. 

Bill, Pauleen and Jason Novosel – The Bardroyal Books team, with over 70 years experience in education.

Jason Novosel, Pauleen’s son, was also creative in his teaching approaches in secondary school, and they shared a common interest in developing numeracy and literacy skills for all levels of students. The simple idea of grids on the whiteboard was transformed into CAN U CARDS, an innovative resource for all teachers to use.

The advantage of CAN U CARDS for teachers and parents is that there is no equipment to prepare and the answers are also suggested. The wonderful advantage for students is that their mental agility is given a workout which stimulates diversity in thought processes. It is not the same old predictable practice material that many text books provide. Many answers can be correct for the same question and there are multiple levels in Numeracy and Literacy to suit a range of participants including whole class, small groups, partners or even individuals who use it for extension or intervention. Adults can also improve or update their literacy and numeracy through discussing the cards and their solutions.

Jason suggested that we move into technological education, using state of the art applications. The resulting resource for use on iPods, iPads or iPhones delivers essential practice of number in a game-play mode which appeals to all ages and includes all levels of ability. The Novosel family company, Bardroyal Books Pty Ltd, linked with iApps, (a Queensland application developer) to produce the ultimate fun experience while learning and practising number – GRIDLOCH. The app is available from the iTunes App Store. Jason and Pauleen are also working on more apps to follow, including a crazy, fun app for pure pleasure, so keep posted!

We are so pleased to have met up with Geraldine and Jo while they were in Brisbane in April and we are still avidly writing more books for Essential Resources, so look out for new covers later on this year. It makes writing easier when, as authors, we have such readily accessible and available contact with Geraldine, even though we are in Australia. The clear and friendly contact attracted us to Essential Resources.

CAN U CARDS save valuable preparation time and effort. Many satisfied teachers already agree!

Pauleen and Jason Novosel.

CAN U CARDS are available from our website where they can be previewed using our online viewer.

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