Tales of teaching with Story Seekers

Not too long ago Courtney had a chat with Tania Withers, head of ESOL at St Joseph's Catholic School, Upper Hutt. We knew Story Seekers was a hit with her students, as she kindly reached out to sing its praises. We were keen to gain an understanding of how our resources have been used to foster a love for reading and progress learning throughout the year (we were also curious to know which stories were class favourites!).

Introducing iUgo Teachables

iUgo Teachables is the brainchild of Nicola Smith, Managing Director and co-founder of Essential Resources.

Angie’s awesome ideas for learning at home (1)

Kia ora

Over the next few weeks I am delighted to share my special tips and tricks with parents and teachers, to help make learning at home the best it can possibly be.

Why mathematical problem solving matters

The term problem solving originated in the United States in the 1970s to shift mathematical skills from an emphasis on back-to-basics towards using them to solve non-routine practical problems. In the content-based curriculum of earlier decades, the teacher worked through examples of how to apply set routines and a prescribed algorithm to show students how to find solutions to narrowly defined problems. The students’ role was to follow the teacher’s lead rather than to think more broadly about the problem.

Creating digital stories develops digital fluency

Over the last decade, the need for a new dimension to the conventional learning areas and the pedagogy around teaching has become increasingly obvious. This dimension will have a forward focus on major issues such as sustainability, citizenship, enterprise and globalisation.